About Us

Breadpig is a sidekick-for-hire, offering a variety of handholding services to creators who want to self-publish, make something nice, or take a risk on something crazy. We believe that creators shouldn’t need an MBA to make a living from their creativity, nor worry about an outside entity changing their core ideas. We’re here to help creative people avoid pitfalls, spot opportunities, and understand the reasons behind a successful project, and do for them what they don’t have the time or desire to.

Whether it's an outsider's glance at marketing copy, walking you through making a book for the first time or taking care of fulfillment on a giant campaign, we can do the dirty work so that you can get back to doing what you're best at: watching cat videos on the internet making beautiful things for your fans to adore. Check out our full list of services here.



Who We Are

At the moment, the core Breadpig team consists of Alexis Ohanian, Christina Xu, Hadley Rouse, and George Rohac.

  • George Rohac joined team Breadpig in the summer of 2013. Previously the operations and business development guy at Oni Press, he also freelanced on various projects. Outside of work, George does more work as the director of business development at What Pumpkin Studios and the president of operations for Benign Kingdom. George loves work so much. Tell him to stop working so much @grohac.


  • Hadley Rouse joined Breadpig officially in early 2011, although she started designing for Breadpig long before that. She thrives on rootbeer, and good karma...even the theoretical kind, and is stoked about launching her graphic design career under Breadpig's toasty wings!


  • Christina Xu joined Breadpig in late 2010. While not helping the Breadpig save the world, Christina is a trustee of the New York Awesome Foundation and chancellor of the Institute on Higher Awesome Studies. Christina is also the proud co-founder of ROFLCon and one half of the music group anigif. She tweets about all of these things and more as @xuhulk.
  • Alexis Ohanian founded Breadpig in late 2008 as an uncorporation for creating (and selling) geeky things with the purpose of making the world suck less. He's also the retired cofounder ofreddit, an angel investor, and thinks hummus is awesome. Follow him on twitter as @alexisohanian or on Google+, which he'd prefer.


The Origin Story


Breadpig was born at an unknown point in 2005.

Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman were searching for a domain for their new startup. As if by swine intervention, they found the expired domain breadpig.com and knew they had to buy it. They eventually decided to call their startup reddit and the breadpig languished, waiting for its time.

Succumbing to the delirium of startup life, Steve imagined a pig with bread wings and thus Alexis set to creating this mythical beast. His first incarnation was not without its flaws (see version 1). Nonetheless, the breadpig's dogged spirit couldn't be weakened, even after the two friends lost the domain during a debacle known as "RegisterFly is the worst registrar in the world."

It was the longest year of their lives -- watching breadpig.com be defiled as a spam landing page for "bread makers" and "pig supplies." One day, guided by the spirit of the breadpig, Alexis checked in on the domain. It had been abandoned. Like a father reconciling with his long-lost son, the two were reunited and breadpig was reborn.

Breadpig became home for an assortment of projects to make the world suck less, often resulting in products that people really liked. We started helping people conceive these ideas and make them real. With the rise of crowdfunding we found ourselves helping creative people outside of our previous family of creators to make cool stuff. This just kept happening, so it became our full-time focus.